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The Fiennes Group is a world-class centre of excellence for automotive engineering, craftsmanship, classic restoration, machining and manufacturing skills. The specialist companies in our group provide trade and private customers with an all-encompassing set of services that seamlessly deliver a full range of solutions.


Fiennes Classics undertake prestigious and renowned restorations drawing on time-honoured expertise and engineering skills. With an unrivalled passion for heritage our craftsmen sustain classic automobiles of all marques and ages with uncompromising craftsmanship that always respects authenticity.


The cumulative bank of knowledge and experience at Fiennes Engineering has been accrued over 100 years of operations. The team sustains rare and traditional engineering skills that provide invaluable support for all types of vehicles, industrial and commercial engines and machinery on behalf of private individuals as well as trade and industry worldwide.


The experts at Fiennes Performance deliver engineering enhancements through their in-depth knowledge and specialist expertise in performance improvement. With a focus on optimising engine capabilities for performance classics such as Mini and both air and water-cooled Porsches together with custom builds for performance bikes, our specialists give customers the edge so that, when performance counts, they can count on Fiennes Performance.


Fiennes Showroom deals in classic and heritage vehicles with a rare level of service. Whether our customers want to sell a vehicle, or to buy and be a part of the next chapter of its story, Fiennes Showroom will make the process as straightforward as possible. Being impartial, attentive and passionate, means a highly personal service from beginning to end and beyond.

Added to this, we can support future ownership through the engineering and restoration companies within the Fiennes Group.


Fiennes Parts operates at the heart of classic car restoration and maintenance, keeping classic vehicles on the road. We are specialists in the sourcing and supply of classic car parts with many of those parts produced from original drawings, reclaimed or reverse-engineered by sister company Fiennes Engineering whose renowned expertise in pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley sees them supply the restoration trade as well as private individuals on a global basis. Fiennes Parts has amassed a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a catalogue of parts for all marques and ages that can’t be replicated.