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A vision for a world class
centre of excellence

Group MD Ben Edwards explains the background and the vision behind the plans. “We had within our Group several inter-related companies. Coventry Boring & Metalling (CBM) were engineering specialists for vehicles of all types and industrial engines and machinery. Rob Walker Engineering (RWE) in Witney were performance engineering specialists with a strong pedigree in Mini […]

We owe our name to a
fascinating character

Will Fiennes is a fascinating character with a surprising mix of skills that at first sight might not obviously go together. Academically a nuclear physicist and tribologist he was also a talented gymnast, with a half blue at Oxford, and a bassoon player at Winchester College before that. Although, on further consideration, perhaps the physical […]

Our emergence offers great career opportunities

The Fiennes Group is a world-class centre of excellence for automotive engineering, craftsmanship, classic restoration, machining and manufacturing skills. The specialist companies in our group can provide trade and private customers with an all-encompassing set of services that will seamlessly deliver whatever solutions are needed. We have been steadily growing over the past 3 years […]