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Our new Fiennes Parts website;
the how-to guide

Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to improve the way you can buy your pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts online. Understanding the specification of each part, which series they are suitable for and the technical information relevant to their use has required the experience and expertise we’re known for, here at Fiennes Parts. […]

Fiennes Performance:
A Little More About Who We Are…

Power is nothing without precision engineering to back it up, and performance is as much about longevity, durability and predictable performance as it is about speed. At Fiennes Performance our specialist precision engineering skills have been honed over two decades. The range of services we can offer is truly world-leading, and includes everything from complete engine […]

Fiennes Classics:
A Little More About Who We Are

As our founder, Will Fiennes, explains it: ‘Working out how to rebuild a car that’s up to 100 years old is something of an automotive detective job. Mechanically, we know what it should be and have a large number of drawings we can work from, but should that fail, we have decades of experience across […]

Fiennes Showroom:
A Little More About Who We Are…

Fiennes Showroom offers a selection of vintage, classic and performance cars for sale. Many of the cars that pass through our showroom have evocative and unique histories, and sometimes some distinguished former owners. Every enthusiast knows that a classic car is far more than an assemblage of parts and panels. They have personalities, and their […]

Fiennes Parts:
A Little More About Who We Are…

At Fiennes Parts, decades of technical knowledge meet cutting edge production facilities, ensuring that we can keep a classic vehicle in full running order, giving you peace of mind about reliability, safety and performance. One of the constant challenges of classic car ownership is sourcing replacement parts and components when something fails and cannot be […]

Fiennes Engineering:
A Little More About Who We Are…

At Fiennes Engineering you will find skills as rare as the engines we restore, and it all began in the heartland of the UK automotive industry. Our story is of one of creating a world leading business by bringing together two existing enterprises with a reputation for excellence that was second to none.  Coventry Boring […]

Rolls-Royce: A Brief History, Part One

The history of the Rolls-Royce car manufacturing company is a complicated one. Today, the multiple buy-outs, subtle renamings and divisions that the marque has undergone since its founding in 1906 has resulted in the current Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited’s having very little connection with the original company. Today’s company dates from 2003 and is owned […]

A rare opportunity to work
with rare vehicles and engines

All our businesses have their base at the Fiennes Group hub at Broughton Poggs between Burford and Lechlade in the Cotswolds. In this rural setting you’ll find buildings that uniquely combine time-honoured skills and traditional craftmanship with the very latest engineering technology. You’ll also find people within them that all have a high level of […]

A vision for a world class
centre of excellence

Group MD Ben Edwards explains the background and the vision behind the plans. “We had within our Group several inter-related companies. Coventry Boring & Metalling (CBM) were engineering specialists for vehicles of all types and industrial engines and machinery. Rob Walker Engineering (RWE) in Witney were performance engineering specialists with a strong pedigree in Mini […]